Switch Up Your Workout: Fitness apps that will change your life!

The new year is upon us! This means it’s time to set your resolutions, reexamine some goals, and find new ways to challenge yourself in the gym.

I have always been a fan on strength training. I struggle with cardio. That means I usually compensate by doing a lot of HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. However, I find myself getting in some serious ruts and repeating the same workouts week after week. I recently started using a new training app, and it has already changed my life! So, I’m here to share with you some of my favorite fitness apps for 2019!


Aaptiv is INSANE! It’s a subscription based app that allows you to push through amazing workouts with a trainer right in your ear.

Choose from a variety of categories like treadmill, strength training, elliptical, indoor cycling, outdoor running, yoga, etc. The list goes on! They have tons of options. From there you can even filter out your workout based on level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), duration, trainer, and even music genre.

I love Aaptive. I use this app regularly. It’s simple to use, and I don’t have to worry about thinking of new workout ideas. It really takes the stress out of deciding “should I work shoulders today or legs?” The trainers are fun, inspiring, and the music selections always keep my adrenaline pumping!

Daily Ab Workout

This free app is one of my favorites to tone the core. When you need a quick and tough core workout, pull this baby up on your phone and get to work! It feels like the trainer is in the room with you. They will lead you through a fun and challenging core workout via video each day!


This app is for my “I want to hurt all over” gym rats. When you want to push your fitness level beyond just the gym, sign up for Keelo. A personalized trainer will put you through intense workouts and conditioning plans for some high intensity fun! I will say, it’s nice to have an actual trainer you can work with and talk to.


If you haven’t heard of this one, I’m surprised! Kayla Itsines is a wonderful fitness professional who has teamed up with other incredible women to bring you this intense program! Each workout is broken down into two sections with 3 different exercises to perform. You are timed to do as many rounds as you can in 7 minutes. The best part? These workouts are ONLY 30 MINUTES! This app is great for all fitness levels.

Choose from three levels based on your goals. Kayla’s BBG program focuses on high intesity workouts with mostly body weight. BBG Stronger includes more weights. PWR with Kelsey Wells will push your body to new heights with weights and great strength building. There is also a Body and Mind section with Sjana Elise to help you find your zen!

Kayla is always adding new programs and changing things up. I loved using Sweat. I was always sore and felt I got an amazing workout in just 30 minutes!


I was just introduced to this app and have decided to give it a shot! It is subscription based app with access to over 5,000 personal trainers! You can work with them to build a program in real time! It’s important to find a trainer that will help you reach your goals.

The program I am doing is from professional body builder Marcus Filly. This guy is a beast and his workouts are AWESOME. Check him out on Instagram for a look at some of his workouts (@functional.bodybuilding).

These workouts are broken down by week, and you get two rest days. Each program is set to your needs and level. I won’t lie, it’s some pretty intense stuff! Each workout is based on movement under tension. This means you do slow and controlled movement at higher weight to build some serious muscle.

Now, I’m not looking to be a body builder, and you don’t have to be to do this program. Marcus has a great program and is helping me take my fitness to the next level!


Calm is my favorite meditation/yoga app. With daily meditation practices, stories, yoga sessions, and so much more, this app is perfect for finding your daily zen. There is a free and paid version.

I use this app daily. The coaches are great and they make it so easy to do 15 minutes of meditation a day. I highly recommend you add this app to any of your fitness/workout collections. The state of your mental strength is just as important as your physical.