Fitness Product Review: November 2018

I got the bug! A few years ago I attended my first health and fitness expo in Los Angeles, California, USA. I was skeptical at first. I mean, how many gym rats can any one girl handle? While the fitness industry is packed with messages of optimism and encouragement, there are some toxic attitudes that can accompany all that goal setting and over achieving, like comparison and the “it is never good enough” mindset. Despite my reservations, I agreed to go.

I was living in San Diego County at the time so I woke up early, met my friends, and we drove the few hours to L.A. After getting our wristbands, we waited in a LONG-ASS line (it literally wrapped around the convention center twice) to get into the expo. It helped I was with a few handsome gentlemen. By the time we got into the expo I was already over it. Can we say bad attitude? But then IT happened! The EXPLOSIVE energy of the fitness community took over. There were thousands of people, just like me, dedicated to health and wellness, in the same room, pumped about the things they could achieve with a little dedication and a whole lot of heart. I was sold!

Now each year I do my darndest to pencil in a few expos. Beside the crazy energy, one of my favorite things about attending fitness expos is being able to sample, buy (at a major discount), or take home (there are TONS of giveaways/free samples) all the latest and greatest fitness products. Here are some of my favorites from my last trip!

Ooh Snap.png

#1 Ooh Snap Nutrition

I actually owe this great find to my friend Alex. He was immediately pulled in by the idea of a “rice crispy treat protein bar” and for good reason. We tried all three flavors and each one was delicious! My personal favorite is the Caramel Pretzel. Of course, after tasting how yummy the bar was, I immediately went to the food label. Each flavor has different nutritional value, but the caramel pretzel flavor only has 7 net carbs which is a good fit for my ketogenic lifestyle. I bought a box of both the caramel and the peanut butter flavors at expo price, but should have bought like 5 boxes instead! I always have a bar in my gym bag, one in the car, and another at the office. It is a great source of protein and energy right before a workout or if I have failed to prep a meal.

K3 Scoop.jpg

#2 K3 Scoop

I am loving me my K3 Scoop! Usually I stay “undercover” when visiting booths, because I really want to offer an honest review of the company, its people, and its products. This time, however, I began chatting about DelectableLiving with the ladies manning the K3 booth. I was honest when I told them I have never understood the need for any kind of extra scoop, because all of my supplements already come with one. They offered me a K3 scoop and invited me to test it out! I have been pleasantly surprised by this simple, yet genius, invention. Each day I am able to scoop and securely store one serving size of either protein, pre-workout, or recovery powder and mix it up fresh when I am ready to use it. The K3 scoop also has a pill pouch in the handle for other vitamins or supplements and a funnel for mess-free pouring. No more baggies. No more powder spills. No more lugging around the whole supplement container to avoid baggies and powder spills.


#3 Evogen: Carnigen Natural

Evogen’s Pink Grapefruit Carnigen is by far my favorite supplement I am using right now. I sampled it at the Evogen booth, and decided to purchase the product due to the natural ingredient list and it being stimulant-free. The supplement is a highly effective carnitine blend designed to enhance metabolism and recovery. I am using it for fasted cardio and recovery. Not to mention, the flavor is spot on without any artificial sweeteners or flavors!

#4 BattleShakers

I have so many good things to say about BattleShakers. BattleShakers is a relatively new company selling shaker bottles designed to look like missiles, torpedoes, bombs, and bullets. Clever! The design is unique and the idea is just fun! The company also supports, and offers a discount to, military members and first responders. If you know anything about me, you know I have a soft spot for both. The people we interacted with at the BattleShaker booth were so real and so human. I met the founder of the company and was so impressed by his story. Great new start up, good people, fun product!

#5 Hera x Hero

When looking for workout clothes I look for functionality, comfort, quality, and swag. Shameless, I know. I was introduced to Hera x Hero a few months before the expo, but was excited to check out the product in person. For someone who spends as much time in the gym as I do, I really appreciate the clean sleek feel of the brand. As a women, sometimes I feel like female fitness apparel is either super “cute” or super “sporty”. I have my fair share of both kinds of workout clothing. It works for most ladies, but I tend to always be searching for something more sleek and stylish. Hera x Hero nailed it! I am obsessed with the men's line and am so excited about what they are doing with the women’s line!