Returning to Love



With the recent launch of (DL) I have been getting many questions about my new venture. How long have you been working on this? Where did the idea come from? What kinds of topics will you be covering? Who are the people you are trying to reach? What are you trying accomplish? When did you know this was something you wanted to do? And many, many more.

Most of the questions are due to the fact I simply kept the whole project fairly quiet. It was not a secret, by any means, but something that has been growing and developing in my soul for quite some time. With the process of DL’s creation I slowly introduced my vision to one human at a time, and, usually, to those who played a role in its miraculous unfolding.

One question I have heard from my most logic and practically minded friends and family members is, “What makes you different from every other site?” An insightful question to which I simply smile, take a deep, and say, “It is not what makes us different that is important to me, it is what makes us the same.”

Of course, my answer does not scratch their itch to understand how I am going to stand out in a market FULL of health, wellness, and fitness influencers. And, well, that is ok.


You see, like the great spiritual leader and author, Marianne Williamson, I have come to know,

“No matter what the problem, the solution is love. There is but one problem and one solution. All problems are a deviation from Love, and all solutions are a return to it.” (A Return to Love)

If I had it my kumbaya-loving way every outlet would be preaching and teaching LOVE.

Humanitarian and spiritual leader Kathy Headlee says, “Love heals, unites, enlightens. Love works and it’s the only thing that does.” I agree and seek to understand this better and better each day.

So as I begin this new journey with a community of individuals who desire to empower their minds, nourish their bodies, and move toward truly DelectableLiving, I do it starting with the very thing that every human desires at their core… LOVE.


Love connects age, gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, ethnicity, income, social class, lifestyle, opinion, size, shape, and education.

It is love and compassion for self and for others that allows us to make real change; the kind of change that sticks, the kinds of change that transforms, the kind of change that brings peace.

People will say, “Isn’t it prideful and selfish to love yourself?” Well, I say, “Who are you?” and “What attachments do you have to those words?” Some will say, “Who are you to offer yourself compassion?” I say, “What limiting beliefs do you carry that prevent you from offering compassion to yourself and others?”

Author, Joel Osteen, of The Power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today said,

"You are God’s most prized possession. Don’t go around feeling wrong about yourself. Quit wishing you were taller, or had a better personality, or looked like somebody else. You’ve been painted by the most incredible painter there could ever be. When God created you, He stepped back, and stamped His approval on you. Somewhere on you, there’s a tag that states, “Made by Almighty God. So put your shoulders back and hold your head up high. You are extremely valuable. When those thoughts come telling you everything that you’re not, remind yourself, 'I have the fingerprints of God all over me—the way I look, the way I smile, my gifts, my personality. I know I am not average. I am a masterpiece.' Those are the thoughts that should be playing in your mind all day long."

I have no problem loving myself, because, for me, I am simply appreciating and respecting the craftsmanship of my Creator. He made me with all THE STUFF I need to cultivate, develop, and express everything that is good in this world. It is already inside me. The credit is not mine, it is His! It can not be selfishness, it cannot be conceded, when the honor is pointed to something far bigger than me.

Now there are times when I do not cultivate, develop, or express from a place of love, and, perhaps, those are the very moments when I need love and self-compassion the most. When I am acting in fear or out of my pain, it is not shame, blame, and guilt that will get me to where I want to be, it is love, compassion, and peace.  


When I look at a brand new little baby laying in their crib or nestled in their mothers arms, I do not say, “You have done nothing in this world. You have not accomplished a single thing. All you have done is laid there, pooped, ate, slept, and cried. You are worthless. You do not deserve love. You are not good enough.” I would NEVER say that. Neither would you. Most of us know that a human life, a little baby, is precious and priceless.

Yet! Many of us have come to believe (a false belief I might add) our worth is based on external factors… how we look, what we accomplish, who we associate with, how much money we have, what types of things we own, where we live, and so on.

Our worth is not negotiable. There is nothing we ‘can do’ or ‘fail to do’ to change our worth. Our worth is not based on doing, our worth simple is what it is. Our worth is based on WHO WE ARE and that CANNOT change no matter how much you will it otherwise.


I learned for myself that when I seek to change my body or my mind out of shame, blame, or guilt, from a place of “I am not enough”, from a place or forgetting who I am, my determination and my will power fail me.

When I love and honor who I am, the masterpiece my creator has made, I naturally desire to do those things that most benefit me, that serve my soul, and the change comes naturally.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

As I seek to encourage others to allow their mind, body, and heart to come together to serve them through a variety of experiences and tools, I do it from a foundation of love.